Design.Develop.Build. focuses on architecture as an investigation that realizes itself in construction through research and experimentation as well as integrated modes of representation, computation and simulation.

Summer 2018 will be the starting point for a new project in South Africa, which will be supporting the communities in South African and Botswanan border region.

The project is part of a program where students from the Georgia Institute of Technology, in collaboration with two German Universities (RWTH Aachen University and PBSA Düsseldorf), design and build a mobile education facility. Starting from the first design sketches and models, to detailed design plans, students experience all phases of a construction project. Detail design, calculating quantities, scheduling, financing/sponsoring and cost control are part of the task. During the design and construction phase students, as well as  unskilled local workers learn how to deal with different construction materials and their specific application as well as the entire building process from constructing foundations to the cladding of a building. Through teamwork and selective prefabrication of building components in the Digital Fabrication Lab at Georgia Tech the project can be built within a short time span.

By integrating design, research and construction students learn to develop a strong awareness for built environment in another culture and the adequateness of applied construction methods. This includes understanding architecture as social practice and realizing it with all consequences.

Travel from Atlanta to Germany to South Africa:

worldmap diagram



BC 8809 / ARCH 4805/01-DB/ ARCH 8806-DB DESIGN DEVELOP BUILD Construction Lab

Long Program and Short Program: 6 credits [July2nd- Aug3rd]



Long Program : 3 credits [May14th-June30th]


ARCH 4823-KW/ ARCH 8823-KW Material Culture

Long Program : 3 credits [May14th-June30th]


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